Sunday, March 16, 2014

Webmail Done More Simply

In recent years, we've seen PSMail's webmail interface become more and more popular. This is only natural: as users become more used to the browser as their primary way of accessing a variety of content, webmail becomes a common method for accessing email. During this time of growth, we've enhanced our webmail's security by providing token based login, OTP (One Time Password) login, and virtual keyboard login. Security, as always, is our first priority.

But secure webmail can be convenient and easy to use as well. That's why we're releasing a new webmail interface that includes a "Beta Email" feature. Beta Email offers a streamlined, more user-friendly way to compose email. Without reinventing the wheel, this new feature should make your life - and your email - just a little more efficient and painless. Check out how it works on the video below.

Oh, and please note: this new feature is reasonably language friendly for our international expat users. So enjoy!

1 comment:

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