Monday, December 15, 2014

Quota Increases to All Users...Merry Christmas!

In addition to secure email and VPN service, PSMail has always striven to provide additional services to our subscribers. From secure chat (PSChat) to our recently updated calendar system (PSCalendar), we want our users to be able to use their PSMail account to accomplish a number of day-to-day tasks.

One such service is Cabinet, our secure online storage. Between your mailbox and the Cabinet service, we have until now provided all our users with 3GB secure storage. This is a safe, private place to store your pictures, videos, and documents, enabling you to access them from multiple devices, on the go.

But 3GB can go fast. So we've decided to double your available storage to 6GB! In addition, we're raising the max size of an email from 20 to 30 MB and increasing the maximum number of recipients for any one email from 300 to 500.

And don't worry, these increases are at no extra charge to you! It's like a Christmas gift...just a little early. Enjoy!

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